Hair Drug Testing – Follicles & Tests

So you wish to know how to pass a hair drug test with shampoo and test yourself to make sure!  Perhaps, you received a call for an interview from a multinational company. Maybe, you plan to serve the military. No matter your intentions, any such job requires a clean background. People with a tainted character or background are usually denied such jobs. You may have a lovely resume with relevant experience, but your credentials could go in vain if you fail to pass the drug test.

Detox shampoo

If you smoke frequently, you may be desperate to know other options, especially the one that works. You’d be happy to figure out that the Detox shampoo method delivers the desired outcome for frequent smokers too. You may easily pass a hair drug test with shampoo and test yourself to make sure you avoid negative results. Many companies offer such shampoos. However, not all are worth your attention.

You ought to be diligent when buying any such product. It’s advised to pick a user-backed product. To do that, check reviews and testimonials and verify each testimony. Visit verified review websites and go through each review. Find out what users say about particular brands on your watch-list. Based on testimonials and reviews, narrow your list to a few highly-rated brands. Finally, compare their rates and results to make the best choice.

All these considerations will eat plenty of time and legwork on your part. Are you willing to expend too much time? Of course, no! So, why not focus on a legitimate product that’s already gaining popularity among users? One such product is the old style toxin rid shampoo.

How does the shampoo work?

When it comes to surpassing a hair drug test effectively, you need a product that can remove toxins from follicles. Although many shampoos profess to deliver, most of them fail. The old style toxin rid shampoo gets inside the shaft where toxins reside.

All you should do is wash your hair effectively using the shampoo. Just be sure you don’t leave any patch when washing. Take time and wash your hair meticulously. The shampoo will get to the root/shaft of each hair follicle and remove toxins. Once your hair gets free of toxins, you may perform the test and get favorable results. Here are the key reasons for using this effective shampoo.


You don’t have to be a professional to use the product. Just wash the hair with the shampoo as you’d with other conditioners. Make sure you gently rub the lower part of your hair. You get a user manual on using the shampoo. By adhering to the user instructions, you may avoid potential problems.

Saves time

The modern world is a fast-moving era. People are out of time for almost anything. As such, most individuals look for products that will deliver results quickly. The toxin rid shampoo saves valuable time. After washing, test the hair as mentioned above (how to test hair on your own). Within minutes, the whole process completes. For these reasons, many job-seekers prefer this useful shampoo.

Cost-benefit ratio

People are more concerned about their finances than ever. Financial hardships and uncertainties compel anyone to use the funds wisely. No one wants to invest too much on any product. Plus, many job-seekers are already cash-strapped. Here, you may be turned down to know that the toxin rid shampoo comes at a higher price.

A higher price may keep you from buying the product. The product is a bit costly but ask yourself what you may lose. If you’re going for a dream job, you risk your career and perhaps the whole life. Don’t you wish to pass the interview and get hired? Obviously, yes! So, why not invest some money in a quality product and reap the benefits in terms of a higher paycheck?

Why take a drug test before appearing for an interview?

Most job-seekers don’t bother about testing themselves. They believe that their resume will bag them a position no matter what. That’s true! Your resume will outsmart other candidates, but it won’t surpass a company’s rules and regulations. While any organization may need a proficient candidate, no company would like to hire someone with a drug addiction background. It’s best to check yourself beforehand to avoid issues later. The good news is you can test yourself on your own.

How to test on your own?

Many individuals think that drug hair testing might be a tedious job. It might involve scheduling an appointment with a testing center. Plus, the time required for testing may add to their daily routine. However, all such assumptions are just myths. Thanks to technological advances, you can perform testing at your home.

At this point, half of your worries might have disappeared. Now you may wish to know whether you can perform the testing proficiently. Will the testing process cost too much? Are the testing kits reliable? All such questions may loom your mind as you decide to test yourself. Well, the home testing process overcomes such hassles and offers a series of benefits. Here’s how to test your hair for drugs at home.

Research thoroughly

First of all, buy a high-quality home drug hair testing kit. Don’t worry; many vendors offer these products. A quick online search will return you a list of hundreds of such products. You may even seek help and recommendations from your friends and acquaintances. Those who’ve bought any such product might come in handy. After assessing multiple kits, order a reliable one.

Clip a sample of your hair

Remember, you’ve to send your sample hair for evaluation to a laboratory after performing the test. You can’t do the evaluation yourself at home. So, be cautious when performing the test. Firstly, clean your hair thoroughly and get rid of dirt and dandruff. Clip a small amount of your hair. Be sure you clip close to the scalp without tearing out the strands. Follow the package directions for hair testing.

Prepare the sample for mailing

Once you test your hair sample, it’s all about getting the lab results. For that, you should send the sample to the chosen lab. You may wonder – what’s a big deal? Just mail the sample to the laboratory. Well, that’s true. However, you ought to be cautious to avoid issues. If you fail to do that, you may unintentionally contaminate or lose the sample’s integrity.

When that happens, your whole attempt will go waste. As a prudent individual, you may want to avoid any such situation. So, place the sample inside of a plastic bag, a foil, or any other container that comes with the kit. After securing the sample, put it in a box. Fill up the necessary documents required by the home test kit and the chosen lab.

Ship the sample and wait for results

Once you seal the sample and fill up the necessary info, send the package to the testing lab. Make certain that the lab receives your sample to avoid delays. Finally, wait for the results.

Options for passing the hair drug test

Okay, you know how to test your hair for drugs at home. Now you’d like to assess the ways to pass the hair test. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that there are many ways to fulfill your desire. Let’s check each option to figure out the best one.

 Shave everything (doomed to fail)

Many folks think why not shave the hair and get rid of the problem. No hair – no drug traces! This option is less likely to pull off. On average, it takes about 5 to 7 days for drug particles to get into hair. In other words, you can shave the whole body and have 5 days of drug-free hair.

For example, let’s say that you smoke on a Sunday night. You wake up in the subsequent morning (Monday morning) and shave the whole body. Now let’s move to Friday where you’ve a little bit of hair growth since your shave.

This new small hair won’t probably contain drug traces. However, when you reach Saturday or Sunday, drug particles will be detected through hair analysis. The reason – After 5 days of the shave, drug particles become detectable in hair follicles.

Will this option work? You may think that this is the simplest way to pass the drug test. Just shave the body and clear the test. Isn’t it so simple? Well, things don’t work your way always. What if you’re asked to carry out a drug hair test and then shave the entire body?

Plus, many labs are aware of this trick. Most of them require a particular size of strands for evaluation. Any of these two scenarios could detect drug particles. As a result, your test will showcase your smoking and drinking habits. Such a situation is highly undesirable. Your shaving trick may keep you from attending the interview. Despite having a fantastic resume, you won’t be able to get the job.

Other options

Overwhelmed by the higher price, you may want to explore other options too. Well, certain methods do exist. However, they’ve mixed reviews from users. People with a tighter budget may want to try these alternative methods. The Jerry G method and the Macujo method are highly discussed among users.

Some folks swear by each of these methods. However, many users voice their concerns about the results. Most people assert that both methods are useless. You’ll only waste your precious time and money trying these methods. Not just that, unfavorable results may keep you from going to a dream job. For these reasons, many people suggest the toxin rid shampoo.

Getting a call for a dream job is something anyone would love to cherish. However, your desire could easily turn out to be a nightmare due to a failed drug test. So, why not pass a hair drug test with shampoo and test yourself to make sure? Although various other methods exist, none of them produce the desired outcome like the toxin rid shampoo. By investing some money on this effective product, you can say good-bye to a fail drug test problem. So don’t waste time. Book your order and get relief from potential hair drug testing issues.